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Mastery Portfolio LLC
Mastery Portfolio LLC
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Full-time, Part-time
Remote; Columbus, OH, USA
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(starting as part-time, with potential for full-time in the next 6 months)

Mastery Portfolio (MP) is an educational technology and consulting company founded by teachers and devoted to catalyzing the revolution from traditional grading to a more innovative and feedback-driven, mastery-based system. MP walks hand-in-hand with schools, using techniques and resources supported by research and aligned with current best practices in teaching and school leadership. The company’s mission is to provide schools with comprehensive solutions that motivate, calm, and empower students and teachers alike on their path to proficiency. Mastery Portfolio provides team-based professional development experiences to help schools along the path of innovation and implementation.

Mastery Portfolio seeks a mission-driven, dynamic, passionate, and empathetic Mastery Coach to be the feet on the ground for a cadre of schools to bring the vision and tools of Mastery Portfolio to full implementation. Competitive candidates will have experience using an asset-based approach to assessment and will demonstrate their ability to quickly learn and implement effective language that tells the story of the mastery classroom, as well as listen deeply to the needs of individual schools and design messaging that is responsive to those needs. Mastery Portfolio is a fully remote company and therefore we do most if not all of our professional learning online with schools. The candidate must have access to reliable internet and facility with using Zoom and Google suite.

Mastery Coach Responsibilities

● Being the first line of communication with up to 12 schools (full time) or 6 schools (part time), getting to know each school and consulting with them to provide a needs assessment and recommendations for professional learning packages to address their unique implementation challenges.

● Collaboratively planning and delivering professional learning workshops at said schools using a workshop model and incorporating details that are specific to the schools’ needs and then helping to craft videos for our permanent Professional Learning Library.

● Collaborating with other Mastery Coaches, School Liaisons and Mastery Portfolio management, sharing feedback heard in the field in order to drive the design and implementation of new features and/or practices to move our products and education forward.

● Developing a habit of immersing oneself in the education conversation; reading books as recommended by supervisors, following teachers’ and administrators’ conversations on social media, and generally getting into the shoes of our users to understand their path and the progress they seek to make.

● Working with the sales team to engage in upsell conversations with schools to identify needs for the coming academic year in order to ensure contracts are renewed and aligned to mission and purpose.

● Working with the Site Administrator and School Liaison to ensure that the school-based team are using the MasteryBook correctly from a pedagogical perspective.

● Recruit teachers to write for our blog when you see best practices happening.

● Contribute to our monthly newsletter via video or writing

● Contribute to our blog using your expertise around Standards-Based or Competency-Based Learning

● Possibly attend conferences with the team either as an exhibitor or as a presenter, depending on expertise

Work Hours and Benefits

● High level of flexibility due to our status as a remote company with members spanning 13 time zones.

● Mastery Coaches make every effort to accommodate school’s requested meeting and professional development dates and times, as the academic calendar our schools operate under is not more rigid than our company’s schedules.

● Mastery Coaches are expected to put schools’ needs first, and reschedule internal meetings or deadlines accordingly, appropriately, and with sufficient communication.

● We believe employee autonomy motivates individuals to achieve challenging and ambitious goals, so candidates who don’t thrive in roles where they structure their own hours and deadlines will not be a good fit.

● We strive to establish effective lines of communication among our teammates to ensure everyone can benefit from a healthy work-life balance by choosing their own hours and schedule.

● Base salary, commission, and benefits, including equity-based compensation, are negotiable and commensurate with demonstrated effectiveness in the role.

● Performance-based raises are available pending employee review. Reviews are not annual but rather as frequently or infrequently as the supervisor and employee decide upon in order to make sure that the employee has sufficient feedback to grow and is adequately compensated for their work.

● Opportunities to attend education conferences to help evangelize about Mastery Portfolio and to develop greater expertise in assessment and grading.


● Ability to work from home and set own schedule, priorities, and work autonomously

● Part-time depending on needs of the candidate and match with schools with possibility for future full-time work

● Comfort with and established social media networks preferred

● Proficiency or willingness to quickly learn Zoom, Google suite, and the MasteryBook (we will train you)

● Clear, concise, inspiring, and specific in spoken and written communications

● Experience implementing or at least strong belief in a standards-based grading to ensure mission alignment

● Ability to design and recommend a visionary professional development program for a school

● Strong problem-solving skills

● Empathetic listening skills and demonstrated cultural competency

● Positive contributor to a team, who is professional and doesn’t get frustrated easily

Education and Experience

While we seek an individual who has practiced standards-based assessment in their own classroom, we have no minimum requirements for education or work experience. Ultimately, we believe the right person is more important than the most impressive resume. A passion about our mission and an ability to analyze problems and solve them creatively simply can’t be taught through on-the-job training, and these are the characteristics we value most.

To Apply:

Please send your current resume and a cover letter describing why you are a good fit for this opportunity and something about your experience with education, either as a student, parent, or teacher, to . Kindly format your attachments as follows: “Mastery Coach, Last, First - Resume" and “Mastery Coach, Last, First - Cover Letter." For more information about our work and mission, or to book a call to learn more about the position, please refer to our website at