Part-Time Sales Associate

Mastery Portfolio LLC
Mastery Portfolio LLC
Job Functions:
Sales & Business Development
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Remote; Columbus, OH, USA
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Mastery Portfolio is an educational technology and consulting company founded by teachers and devoted to catalyzing the revolution from traditional grading and assessment to a more innovative and feedback-driven mastery-based system, supported by research and the current trajectory of pedagogy. Our mission is manifested in the development of web apps for grading and communication between teachers, students and parents, and in building communities of users who revolutionize grading and reporting to match a 21st-century educational vision. We also provide team-based professional development experiences to help schools along the path of innovation and implementation. We are looking for a mission-driven, dynamic, passionate, and empathetic Sales Associate to join our team and bring the vision and tools that Mastery Portfolio builds to schools that need them. Competitive candidates will demonstrate their ability to quickly learn and implement effective language that tells the story of Mastery Portfolio as well as listen deeply to the needs of individual schools and design messaging that is responsive to those needs.

Sales Associate Responsibilities (max 10 hours/week)

● Set and reach goals for building paid school accounts and booking school-based professional development workshops.

● Collaborate with the Founding team and share feedback heard in the field in order to drive the design and implementation of new features and/or practices to move our products and education forward

● Monitor social media channels, conferences, strategic partnerships, and other channels for sales leads.

● Develop a habit of immersing oneself in the education conversation; read books at the recommendation of our Founding team, follow teachers on social media, and generally get into the shoes of our users to understand their path and the progress they seek to make.

Optional Additional Responsibilities: (For candidates seeking a more substantial role)

● Contribute to our blog by writing monthly posts to share your learning about what schools need and how we can help them (while exercising good judgment in preserving school and student privacy).

● Willingness to create marketing content, such as images and short videos, to tell our story.

● Leverage social media to strategically expand our reach.

Work Hours and Benefits

The Sales Associate position comes with a high level of flexibility due to our status as a remote company with members spanning 13 time zones. We believe employee autonomy motivates individuals to achieve challenging and ambitious goals. Furthermore, we strive to establish effective lines of communication among our teammates to ensure everyone can benefit from a healthy work-life balance by choosing their own hours and schedule. This is a commission-based position with the capacity to become full-time and with upward mobility in terms of leadership in the company. Performance-based raises are available pending employee review. Reviews are not annual but rather as frequently or infrequently as the supervisor and employee decide upon in order to make sure that the employee has sufficient feedback to grow and is adequately compensated for their work.


● Ability to work from home and set own schedule, priorities, and work autonomously

● Full- or part-time availability depending on needs of the candidate

● Comfort with and a following on established social media networks a plus

● Proficiency or willingness to quickly learn Zoom, Google suite, and wordpress

● Clear, concise, inspiring, and specific in spoken and written communications

● Experience implementing or at least strong belief in a standards-based grading

● Ability to design or recommend a visionary professional development program for a school based on our menu of workshops available

● Strong problem-solving skills

● Empathetic listening skills and demonstrated cultural competency

Education and Experience

While we seek an experienced salesperson, we have no minimum requirements for education or work experience. Ultimately, we believe the right person is more important than the most impressive resume. A passion about our mission and an ability to analyze problems and solve them creatively simply can’t be taught through on-the-job training; these are the characteristics we value most.

To Apply:

Please send your current resume and a cover letter describing why you are a good fit for this opportunity and something about your experience with education, either as a student, parent, or teacher, to . Kindly format your attachments as follows: “Sales/Marketing, Last, First - Resume" and “Sales/Marketing, Last, First - Cover letter." For more information about our work and mission, please refer to our blog and informational pages at